SEATS Strategic Transport Network

Creating Economic Development By Improving Transport Networks In South East Australia

This paper provides an overview of land transport needs in the South East Australian region. The aim of this study is to provide a strategic way forward for the whole of the South East Australian transport network. Therefore, the recommendations and priorities contained in this study are directed to a strategic rather than local level.

The terms of reference for this study require an assessment of initiatives on the SEATS land transport network whose completion will improve economic and social outcomes for the whole region. The boundaries for assessment are therefore not limited to the borders of the SEATS region but also include important linkages to ports, population and economic activity centres on which the population of SEATS relies. In assessing need, this study has considered all modes of land transport, with a particular focus on the road and rail network. Whilst many of the priorities put forward in this study can be considered traditional infrastructure projects – such as road construction, rail extensions and the like – non-infrastructure initiatives, which could provide benefits to the region as a whole, are also included.

SEATS Strategic Transport Network Report

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