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The area of Tumut Council is rich in natural beauty and has developed a profile that is genuinely enmeshed with its natural resources. The area is nestled in the western foothills of the Snowy Mountains with the Tumut River an important feature of the district. It includes the townships of Tumut, Adelong, Batlow and Talbingo as well as the villages of Brungle and Cabramurra with a total population of approximately 10,801 people.

Tumut lies approximately halfway between Sydney and Melbourne with the Hume Highway the main route for transport to the district. It is a scenic region enjoying four very distinct seasons. It has a total area of 4566 sq. km of which 2901 sq. km is State Forests or National Park.

Economic Information


The key industries of the Tumut area are forest and forest products, horticulture, grazing and tourism. Further to these, there is a well established, buoyant and highly diversified local economy.

Tumut is the centre of the largest area of planted pine in Australia (118,000 hectares). Timber from these plantations is used for paper, particleboard, plywood and saw logs. The timber industry is the largest employment and economic sector of the area. The Visy Pulp and Paper Mill was established and has been operating successfully since 2001. Stage 2 of the mill which commenced in late 2007 and will be operational in 2009 will increase production to 700,000 tonnes. This increase in production at Visy is reflected also in the recent increase in production and Weyerhaeuser sawmill which will now have a through put of 650,000 tonnes of logs per annum.

There is an array of smaller support industries attracted by the forest and related activities. Viticulture, aquaculture and cut flowers are developing industries in the district.

The area of Tumut Council is the home of Batlow apples and stone fruit. This sector is continuing to both expand and diversify, thriving on the good soil quality, excellent rainfall and the high chill factor. The recently commissioning of a juicing facility in Batlow further strengthens this industry.

Around 40,000 visitors attended the Tumut Region Visitors Centre last year, and based on Tourism NSW statistics this means that in excess of 150,000 visitors came to the Tumut Council area. Visitors are attracted by the Tumut River, popular for fly-fishing. Selwyn Snowfields in Kosciusko National Park is another local attraction. The historic Adelong goldfield area and the picturesque township of Talbingo on the foreshores of Lake Jounama with the Snowy Mountains Scheme as a backdrop are popular destinations for visitors. Lake Blowering attracts water skiers, fishermen and families camping.

The area of Tumut Council sees itself as a strategically located regional centre, already diversified and prospering with a regional executive ready to facilitate new enterprises. This is evidence of a lively community working hard to improve its various industries and constantly striving to meet world’s best practice. The Tumut area has a great deal to offer families – singles, couples, younger or older – and businesses both big and small: a fantastic environment, economic and social diversity with a great lifestyle.

Profiles of Main Industry Sectors generating economic wealth to LGA

  1. Agriculture, Forestry and FishingTumut is an area of fresh opportunities. At its heart is one of the state’s most valuable renewable resources. The South West Slopes region has the largest softwood plantations in Australia. These were first established in 1921. There is a state of the art nursery near Tumut capable of growing more than 7 million seedlings a year and the area is a world leader in developing radiata pine.

    The Tumut area contains the biggest area of planted pine in Australia. Covering some 118,000 hectares, the plantations are designed to reduce Australia’s dependence on imported wood. The younger trees yield pulpwood for the manufacture of newsprint and paper as well as particleboard while the older trees provide saw logs for housing and construction timber. The growing, harvesting and processing of forest products form one of the mainstays of Tumut Shire’s economy and employment.

  2. ManufacturingTumut is the centre for three major manufacturing timber/paper plants; VISY, Weyerhaeuser and Carter Holt harvey. Visy produces some 300,000 tonnes of unbleached kraft pulp & paper per year and is currently embarking on stage 2 of their facility expansion which will expand production up to 700,000 tonnes of paper & pulp. Weyerhaeuser Australia produces sawn timber products and has recently received approval to increase production up to 650,000 tonnes per year. Carter Holt Harvey utilises 450,000 cubic metres of log annually and produces many products on site for use in residential construction and remodelling across Australia.
  3. Agriculture, Forestry and FishingHoriculturural activity is an important part of this ‘growing region’. It has been the foundation of major businesses which process and pack fruit. The Batlow Fruit Co-operative has more than 65 grower members and Batlow also has Australia’s largest storage capacity for apples. Batlow was also the first region in NSW to build cool stores for its apple crop. The Fruits of Batlow packing facility is one of the largest of its type in Australia. It began production at the beginning of 1996, backed by the fruit of four of the region’s largest growers.

    Batlow is a recognised source of superior quality fruit and is famous for premium apple production. It produces about 10 percent of the national apple crop and 45 percent of the NSW crop. Annual apple production totals some 45,000 tonnes. The Batlow area has approximately 2000ha of apples and 500ha of stonefruit, particularly peaches, nectarines, plums, prunes and cherries.

10 Top Freight Generating Industries

Industry Sector Company Name Type of Freight Freight Inwards Freight Outwards Mode Source Mode Destination 1 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Forests NSW Log Haulage Road Road Local mills and manufacturing 2 Manufacturing VISY Pulp and Paper Road Local pine and NSW plantations Road Various Aust 3 Manufacturing Weyerhaeuser Sawn timber Road Local pine plantations Road Various Aust 4 Manufacturing Carter holt Harvey Timber products Road Local pine plantations Road Various Aust 5 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Batlow Apples Apples Road Batlow apple orchards Road Various Aust 6 Wholesale Trade Elliots Landscaping Landscape products Road Local manufacturers Road Various NSW 7 Transport and Storage Deans – Adelong Various Road Local manufacturers Road Various NSW 8 Transport and Storage Linfox Timber products Road Local manufacturers Road Various NSW 9 Transport and Storage Carkeets Transport Various Road Local manufacturers Road Various NSW 10 Wholesale Trade Australian Native Landscapes Landscape products Road Local manufacturers Road Various NSW

Transport Infrastructure

Airports Locality Tumut Aerodrome Ownership/Manager Tumut Shire Council CASA Classification Registered Aerodrome Passengers Pax/Yr Nil Freight Tonne/Yr Nil Sea Ports Locality N/A Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Passengers Pax/Yr Rail Locality N/A Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Passengers Pax/Yr Freight Intermodel Locality N/A Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Roads (major freight routes) Name Starts Finishes Higher Mass Limit routes Snowy Mountains Highway Hume Highway Talbingo Mountain Approved B-Double routes Gocup Road Gundagai Tumut General Mass Limit routes Main Road 280 Wondalga Tumblong Main Road 85 Tumut Jingellic Political

Local Council

Name: Tumut

Physical address: 76 Capper Street TUMUT NSW 2720

Postal address: 76 Capper Street TUMUT NSW 2720

Phone: 02 6941 2555




Wagga Wagga: Daryll McGuire


Eden-Monaro: Mike Kelly

Census 2006


1996 2001 2006 Total Population 11227 11228 10801 Age Distribution 0-19 2917 20-54 4705 55 and over 3179 Median Age 35 37 40 2021 2031 Projection

Labor Force

1996 2001 2006 Total LF 4704 4815 4671 Agriculture, forestry & fishing 970 859 767 Mining 7 9 0 Manufacturing 728 829 692 Electricity, gas, water & waste services 189 119 131 Construction 194 363 304 Wholesale trade 258 247 181 Retail trade 421 490 483 Accommodation & food services 309 301 300 Transport, postal & warehousing 154 178 203 Information media & telecommunications 47 27 28 Financial & insurance services 73 57 67 Rental, hiring & real estate services 37 47 39 Professional, scientific & technical services 105 114 141 Administrative & support services 74 110 114 Public administration & safety 204 161 194 Education & training 309 279 315 Health care & social assistance 303 327 413 Arts & recreation services 38 42 49 Other services 135 144 136 Not stated 149 112 114

Household Income

1996 2001 2006 Medium $/wk 520 695 782