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South Gippsland Shire is a rural area located in Eastern Victoria and is best known for Wilsons Promontory National Park, the most southern part of the Australian mainland. Its major towns are Leongatha, Korumburra, Mirboo North and Foster. It is one of Australia’s most important dairy areas and also includes major dairy processors. Beef, horticulture, fishing, wine, manufacturing and tourism are also significant industries.

The major transport route is the South Gippsland Highway but also includes the Strzelecki and Bass Highways. It has an aerodrome at Leongatha and fishing ports at Port Welshpool and Port Franklin. Esso service their oil and gas facilities from Barry Point and a private port is being constructed there. The major freight generators are dairy, livestock, fresh milk and processed products.

Economic Information


South Gippsland Shire is recognised as one of the nation’s most productive dairy regions and is home to Murray Goulburn and Burra Foods processing facilities. Dairy, beef and snow pea farming are key industries in South Gippsland. South Gippsland’s manufacturing is dominated by the dairy industry, with Murray-Goulburn’s Leongatha factory, the largest in Australia which is undergoing a $200 million upgrade of the plant. Other food processors include Burra Foods at Korumburra and GBP Exports at Poowong.

Dairy farming is estimated to be worth $230 million per annum and the dairy sector supports a substantial service industry including transport, engineering and agricultural supplies. The majority of the supporting businesses are concentrated around Murray Goulburn’s Leongatha facility.

South Gippsland also has a $100 million beef industry, produces most of Australia’s snow peas, a growing wine industry and has been identified as a centre of organic food production.

Esso has a major marine terminal located at Barry Point near Toora that is used to provide services to their Bass Strait oil and gas platforms. A new private port is being constructed next to the Esso facility. An important fishing industry operates from Port Welshpool and Port Franklin and a wind farm is located on the hills around Toora.

The tourism industry is a major component of the South Gippsland economy with visitors contributing over $213 million to the economy. The Shire includes Wilson’s Promontory National Park, one of the State’s most popular destinations. It has substantial coastal reserves include marine parks of national significance and is proving very popular for holiday homeowners and retirees.

Natural Gas is currently being connected to Leongatha and Korumburra which will allow for a range of new businesses and reduction in costs for existing businesses. South Gippsland has a number of significant transport companies such as Ryans Transport, Risely’s Transport, Storr Transport and Peter Stoitse Transport.

Profiles of Main Industry Sectors generating economic wealth to LGA

  1. ManufacturingThis $577 million industry is centred around the Dairy Processing industry and in particular Murray Goulburn. The industry also has a number of general engineering businesses.
  2. Agriculture, Forestry and FishingDairy farming is the major agricultural industry with about one third of Gippslands dairy cattle in South Gippsland. Beef farming is of growing importance as well as snow peas, potatos, sheep, fishing and plantation timber. The industry is worth $423 million.
  3. ConstructionThis industry is worth $161 million and is mixed between residential building and trade services.

10 Top Freight Generating Industries

Industry Sector Company Name Type of Freight Freight Inwards Freight Outwards Mode Source Mode Destination 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Transport Infrastructure

Airports Locality Leongatha Ownership/Manager Private CASA Classification Passengers Pax/Yr Freight Tonne/Yr Sea Ports Locality Port Welshpool Barry Point Ownership/Manager Gippsland Ports Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Passengers Pax/Yr Rail Locality Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Passengers Pax/Yr Freight Intermodel Locality Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Roads (major freight routes) Name Starts Finishes Higher Mass Limit routes Approved B-Double routes General Mass Limit routes Political

Local Council

Name: South Gippsland

Physical address: 9 Smith Street LEONGATHA 3953

Postal address: Private Bag 4 LEONGATHA 3953

Phone: 03 5662 9200




Gippsland South: Peter Ryan


McMillan: Russell Broadbent

Census 2006


1996 2001 2006 Total Population 24,083 24,597 24,908 Age Distribution 0-19 7,593 7,186 6,773 20-54 10,898 10,853 10,265 55 and over 5,531 6,485 7,813 Median Age 36 39 42 2021 2031 Projection 29,925 31,934

Labor Force

1996 2001 2006 Total LF Agriculture, forestry & fishing 2,785 2,584 2,214 Mining 31 51 85 Manufacturing 925 1,035 1,111 Electricity, gas, water & waste services 137 137 168 Construction 531 669 914 Wholesale trade 708 520 389 Retail trade 817 1,016 1,166 Accommodation & food services 488 528 597 Transport, postal & warehousing 303 389 450 Information media & telecommunications 112 105 98 Financial & insurance services 172 156 166 Rental, hiring & real estate services 62 76 106 Professional, scientific & technical services 282 347 351 Administrative & support services 147 196 221 Public administration & safety 410 277 396 Education & training 676 753 789 Health care & social assistance 738 917 1,088 Arts & recreation services 79 123 140 Other services 330 344 395 Not stated 341 275 268

Household Income

1996 2001 2006 Medium $/wk 492 650 777