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Eurobodalla Shire Council is located on the south coast of NSW approximately 4 hours south of Sydney. The Eurobodalla covers 3,429 square kilometres stretching from Durras Lake (north of Batemans Bay) to Akolele on the shores of Wallaga Lake and comprises 27 towns and villages. The major centres are Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma.

Batemans Bay is a thriving and growing regional commercial centre, currently enjoying substantial investment in commercial and residential property.

Moruya is a beautiful, historic rural town situated inland on the Moruya River and is surrounded by dairy and beef cattle farms and is the future growth area for the shire’s light industrial land expansion. Moruya is also home to the Eurobodalla Shire Council administrative centre, the regional TAFE campus and the Moruya District Hospital.

Narooma is situated at the southern end of the shire on the Wagonga Inlet and is one of the most beautiful coastal towns on the east coast, with magnificent beaches and Montague Island National Park. Narooma is renowned for its climate and deep-sea fishing.

Eurobodalla Shire is predominantly rural with National Parks, State Forests and reserves accounting for 83% of the area in the Eurobodalla. The largest employers in the Eurobodalla Shire are Retail ($269m); Tourism ($171m); Manufacturing ($61m); Construction ($48m) and Agriculture & Fishing ($13.3m).

The Princes Highway runs north-south through Eurobodalla and Batemans Bay is linked to Canberra by the Kings Highway to the west. The Eurobodalla is accessible via daily bus and plane passenger services to and from Sydney and Melbourne and a bus service to Canberra.

The main freight generators are forestry, retail and construction.

Economic Information


Eurobodalla’s location relative to Canberra and Sydney, together with its many beaches, estuaries, great climate, and natural beauty will continue to stimulate investment and population growth, particularly as more and more people seek coastal lifestyle and retirement changes.

The Eurobodalla region is located within short driving and flying time from Sydney and Canberra. Batemans Bay is less than two hours drive into the centre of Canberra and is very much linked to the ACT economy, both through tourism and trade. The main centres are Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma.

The economy of the Eurobodalla Shire has been transformed in recent years from one based on the primary industries of dairying, forestry and fishing to an exciting and increasingly diverse economy dominated by tourism, retailing light clean manufacturing and service industries. Alongside this growth there has been an expansion in community, education, recreation and personal services, fuelled by population growth and developments in the tourism industry.

Key projects for the Shire are the redevelopment of the Moruya Airport, construction of the Surf Beach Bypass and the Batemans Bay Link Road, development of the Surf Beach Industrial land as a bulky goods and business park, Batemans Bay Marina development and the increase in Government services including the new Centrelink.

There is an excellent range of educational facilities which include public and private schools and the Wollongong University Access Centre and TAFE.

Our permanent population of around 37,000 people increases to around 120,000 during peak holiday periods. We expect our permanent population to grow to around 50,000 by 2030. Tourism, retirement and retail industry is now generating an increasing proportion of the Shire’s prosperity. Population growth is projected at around 1.8% to 2% per annum, and 63% of the population is dependent on retirement income, aged, disabled or employment related pensions. Existing zoned/approved subdivisions are expected to meet residential demand for over 20 years, with the potential to provide over 4,000 lots and 10,000 dwellings. The Shire is characterised by relatively high unemployment – 9% compared to the State average of 5.9%. There is also a seasonal nature of employment opportunities.

Increasing vehicular movements into and within the Shire with the increased potential for traffic congestion on arterial links and in CBD areas requires ongoing attention and Council is developing strategies to address these issues for the long term. The quality of transport and telecommunications networks influence business investment. Council is working through SEATS to pursue further upgrades to the Kings Highway and Princes Highway as the critical transport routes servicing the community.

Profiles of Main Industry Sectors generating economic wealth to LGA

  1. Retail

    The largest employers in the Eurobodalla Shire are Retail ($269m). Eurobodalla Shire’s three main towns have distinctive characteristics. Batemans Bay is at the top of the hierarchy, operating at the regional centre level, containing a main town centre, and also subsidiary neighbourhood centres at Batehaven, Surf Beach and Malua Bay. Vacant sites exist at Sunshine Bay and Broulee.

    Narooma and Moruya represent the next level in the hierarchy, operating largely at the district centre level. Narooma has a dispersed pattern of commercial development, with the plaza in the south, the retail area on the river flat and the extended intervening retail and commercial development along the Princes Highway. Dalmeny represents a subsidiary centre to Narooma.

    Moruya also sits below Batemans Bay in the hierarchy, although unlike Narooma, it has a relatively compact town centre. Tuross Head is the main subsidiary centre to Moruya.

    New types of retailing are being developed that have different site requirements and generally involve large-scale formats located outside traditional retailing areas due to lower rents and larger available site areas.

  2. Tourism

    Tourism and related services continue to grow with new attractions such as whale watching and other activities now on a roll including those that revolve around our many National Parks and State Forests, off-shore game fishing, golfing tours, food and wine festivals, and historical attractions such as Old Mogo Town and the historical villages of Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba.

    The stunning Montague Island off Narooma now offers overnight stays and guided nature tours and activities. Mogo Zoo is proving that anything is possible outside the metropolitan area with its amazing variety of animals and world-renowned breeding programs.

    Direct benefits of tourism to the Shire include economic growth, job creation, enhanced farm incomes, business development, improvements in services and infrastructure, and the use of the restoration/re-use of historic buildings. Considerable effort is put towards reducing the seasonality of the tourism industry. The conferences and events sector of this industry is particularly targeted for the flow-on financial effects and the repeat visitation that the sector generates.

  3. Manufacturing

    The existing industrial areas are now characterised by a predominance of retail or semi-retail activities. Many of the businesses now operating within the industrial zones are a varied mix of retail and manufacturing/warehousing.

    Council is initiating development of a resource recovery park at the North Moruya industrial estate – to stimulate the co-location of other businesses that can turn recyclable materials into a resource. Negotiations are also underway to facilitate the development of industrial land at Surf Beach. It is proposed to develop mixed use activities, comprising light industry, bulky goods warehousing and retail and some residential uses on this site.

    Industrial areas may be categorised as regional or district. North Moruya Industrial Estate is the regional industrial area serving the Shire and beyond. It accommodates uses such as manufacturing, inudstrial, engineering, waste, servicing, transport and warehousing and distribution. There are district industrial areas at Batemans Bay, Moruya, Bodalla, Dalmeny and Narooma which house services such as light manufacturing, servicing, technology, transport logistics and aviation-related business.

10 Top Freight Generating Industries

Industry Sector Company Name Type of Freight Freight Inwards Freight Outwards Mode Source Mode Destination 1 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Timber products Road Eden 2 Retail Trade Woolworths/Coles/K Mart/Allens Groceries & Merchandise Road Sydney 3 Construction Various Building Materials Road Various Road Canberra/western regions 4 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Dairy Farms Various Dairy Products Road Local Farms Road Bega 5 Manufacturing Mordeck Roofing and Metal Sheet Metal Road Sydney Road Canberra 6 7 8 9 10

Transport Infrastructure

Airports Locality Moruya Ownership/Manager Eurobodalla Shire Council CASA Classification Certified Aerodrome Passengers Pax/Yr 25,000 Freight Tonne/Yr 135,000 Sea Ports Locality Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Passengers Pax/Yr Rail Locality Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Passengers Pax/Yr Freight Intermodel Locality Ownership/Manager Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr Type of freight Destination Roads (major freight routes) Name Starts Finishes Higher Mass Limit routes N/A Approved B-Double routes Princes Highway Sydney Batemans Bay General Mass Limit routes Princes Highway Sydney Melbourne Kings Highway Sydney Canberra Political

Local Council

Name: Eurobodalla

Physical address: Cnr Campbell and Vulcan Streets MORUYA NSW 2537

Postal address: PO Box 99 MORUYA NSW 2537

Phone: 02 4474 1000




Bega: Andrew Constance MP


Gilmore: Joanna Gash MP

Eden-Monaro: Mike Kelly MP

Census 2006


1996 2001 2006 Total Population 30,447 33,137 35,009 Age Distribution 0-19 8,222 20-54 13,129 55 and over 13,657 Median Age 42 44 47 2021 2031 Projection 45,576 51,300

Labor Force

1996 2001 2006 Total LF 9,029 10,343 12,189 Agriculture, forestry & fishing 502 474 402 Mining 21 13 16 Manufacturing 655 705 711 Electricity, gas, water & waste services 83 97 152 Construction 750 948 1,268 Wholesale trade 330 353 243 Retail trade 1,329 1,642 2,056 Accommodation & food services 1,061 1,275 1,407 Transport, postal & warehousing 263 343 402 Information media & telecommunications 146 138 149 Financial & insurance services 212 200 204 Rental, hiring & real estate services 170 197 248 Professional, scientific & technical services 267 330 479 Administrative & support services 230 292 402 Public administration & safety 528 622 734 Education & training 680 809 910 Health care & social assistance 991 1,075 1,422 Arts & recreation services 139 189 214 Other services 413 420 472 Not stated 259 221 298

Household Income

1996 2001 2006 Medium $/wk 434 500 635