20931 sq km

Economic Information


East Gippsland is a developing region that is rich in natural resources and breathtaking beauty, making it and ideal mix for business opportunity and quality lifestyle.

The Key industry sectors include Agriculture, Timber, Fishing, Manufacturing & Tourism.
Major freight generating industries include Manufacturing, Forestry, Agriculture and Fishing.
Major employers include: Patties Foods, Veggco, Fennings timber and government agencies.

Profiles of Main Industry Sectors generating economic wealth to LGA

  1. Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is the largest industry sector in the East Gippsland economy with respect to all measure including outputs, exports and employment. There is also strong relationship between manufacturing and agriculture including some key food processing activity. The manufacturing sector imports goods and services worth over $219M per annum and particular opportunities relating to import replacement needs further investigation.

  2. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

    Agriculture is a mainstay of the East Gippsland local economy as well as making vital social and cultural contributions to East Gippsland. Economic analysis undertaken in conjunction with the Wellington Shire Council indicates potential for growth in this key sector. There is a need for further analysis of such opportunities as well as for further investigation into import replacement opportunities (the agriculture sector imports goods and services to the value of around $30M per annum).

  3. Retail Trade

    The Retail sector makes the largest contribution to regional employment. It is a labour intensive sector characterised by high levels of casual and part-time employment and relatively low wage levels. Tourism related activity also makes valuable contributions to retail and accommodation, cafes & restaurants.

10 Top Freight Generating Industries

Industry Sector Company Name Type of freight Freight Inwards Freight Outwards Mode Source Mode Destination 1 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Timber Rail/Sea Australia Wide 2 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Timber Road Australia Wide 3 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Beef/Dairy Cattle/ Lamb Road Regional Saleyards/Abattoirs & Portland Victoria for export 4 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Fresh Seafood Road Melbourne/Sydney fish markets 5 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Dairy Road Gippsland Regional Processing plants 6 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Abalone Road/Sea Worldwide 7 Construction Building Materials Road Australia Wide Road Australia Wide 8 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Fresh Vegetables Road Australia Wide & Export 9 Manufacturing Processed Foods Road Australia Wide Road Australia Wide 10 Retail Trade Consumable Goods Road Australia Wide Road Australia Wide

Transport Infrastructure

Airports Locality Bairnsdale Mallacoota Orbost Ownership/Manager East Gippsland Shire East Gippsland Shire East Gippsland Shire CASA Classification Registered Registered Registered Passengers Pax/Yr 10,000 Freight Tonne/Yr 130 n/a n/a Sea Ports Locality N/A Ownership/Manager N/A Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr N/A Type of freight N/A Destination N/A Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr N/A Type of freight N/A Destination N/A Passengers Pax/Yr N/A Rail Locality Bairnsdale Ownership/Manager V/Line/Pacific National Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr n/a Type of freight n/a Destination n/a Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr 106,250 Type of freight Timber Destination Worldwide export Passengers Pax/Yr Departures 54,500 Arrivals: 54,800 Freight Intermodel Locality N/A Ownership/Manager N/A Tonnage Inwards Tonne/Yr N/A Type of freight N/A Destination N/A Tonnage Outwards Tonne/Yr N/A Type of freight N/A Destination N/A Roads (major freight routes) Name Starts Finishes Higher Mass Limit routes} Princess Highway East of Munro Road NSW Border Approved B-Double routes} Lindenow Road Princess Highway Dargo Road General Mass Limit routes} Dargo Road Princess Highway Beverly’s Road Bengworden Road Bengworden Princess Highway Paynesville Road Princess Highway Paynesville Bruthen Nowa Nowa Road Great Alpine Road Nowa Nowa Great Alpine Road Princess Highway Benambra Metung Road Princess Highway Metung Buchan Road Bruthen-Nowa Nowa Rd Gelantipy Road Timbarra Road Buchan Road Timbarra Gelantipy Road Buchan Road Wulgulmerang Bonang Road Princess Highway Sardine Creek Road Marlo Road Princess Highway Marlo Sydenham Inlet Road Princess Highway Sydenham Inlet Combienbar Road Princess Highway Combienbar Monaro Highway Princess Highway NSW Border Political

Local Council

Name: East Gippsland Shire Council

Physical address: 273 Main Street, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

Postal address: PO Box 1618, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

Phone: 03 5153 9500




Gippsland East: Craig Ingram MLA – Independent

Gippsland East: Edward O’Donohue MLC

Gippsland Province: Peter Hall MLC

Gippsland Province: Philip Davis MLC


Gippsland: The Hon. Peter McGauran MP

Census 2006

See this document (.xls) for more information.