South Eastern Australia is rich in primary resources, has a skilled labour force and a wealth of natural assets. Inadequate transport infrastructure is impeding orderly development with hundreds of millions of dollars of identified investment being withheld from the region. Limited access is reducing the returns for existing businesses. Independent consultants report that key transport improvements could generate many millions of dollars worth of new investment.

SEATS members have developed the South East Australian Transport Strategy. The Strategy is a comprehensive review of the measures necessary to improve transport and access to Gippsland, Western Port, the Snowy Mountains, Yass Valley, Goulburn and Crookwell areas, the Illawarra region, the south coast of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory region.

In all there are some one and a half million people living and working in the region covered by SEATS. The operations of SEATS are guided by a Business and Marketing Plan to generate broad awareness of the issues relating to the development of transport infrastructure, to promote the benefits of such development and communicate the work of SEATS members by improving access to decision makers and by providing information.